Lindsay Lohan signed a deal worth 2.1 million pounds

Lindsay Lohan has signed a deal with American photographer Terry Richardson which is worth 2.1 million pounds to appear in the publication, which will pertains "full frontal nudity" and "graphic" shots.

One source told the Daily Mirror newspaper, "Lindsay is struggling to get another break in Hollywood. There's a stigma attached to working with her and she is determined to change this -- starting with the photographic book."

"Terry Richardson has persuaded Lindsay and James to get involved. He has assured them it will be provocative but tasteful. There will be a lot of nakedness -- some of it graphic and suggestive -- but it will be a real statement book.

"Obviously there will be comparisons to Madonna's 1992 'Sex' book. But James and Lindsay believe theirs will be classier."


Lindsay Lohan went to record Creative Coalition PSA

Lindsay Lohan was spotted leaving the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills yesterday and she was in a private room to record a Creative Coalition PSA. The shooting was to support of military families.


Lindsay Lohan will still need to go to jail even if she plea

Who says celebrities will not end up in in jail even if found guilty. The judge who is currently handling Lindsay Lohan's case told her if she found guilty, she will still need to go to jail eventhough she plea.

Judge Schwartz said, "One of the things about me is that I treat everyone the same. I don't care you are Lindsay Lohan versus John Doe or Jane Doe."

"This case does involve jail time. Period. If this case is resolved in front of me, you are going to jail. Period. But if it settles here I don't want you under any apprehension, you will be going to jail."

"If the case does not settle in my court it will be set for preliminary hearing in front of Judge Sautner who will also be doing the probation violation at the same time as the preliminary hearing. If you are held to answer, if you are in violation then Judge Sautner will impose sentence. But there is going to be jail time in this case," said the judge."



Tara Reid has advice for Lindsay Lohan

Tara Reid has advice for Lindsay Lohan. Tara herself was a mess before, going to parties and getting herself drunk.

She told reporters at TheWrap's pre-Oscar party Wednesday night, "It's really tough. I've never gotten in trouble like that. I never got arrested. My biggest crime was dancing on a table. So I can't really compare the two. I just wish her good luck."

"I don't go out as much and I don't need to go to the clubs. I'm older now. I'm not as hyper as I used to be."


Video clip of Lindsay Lohan arrived at a Los Angeles courthouse

Video clip of Lindsay Lohan arrived at a Los Angeles courthouse


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Is Demi Lovato dating with Lindsay Lohan's ex beau

There are rumors saying that Demi Lovato is dating with Lindsay Lohan's ex beau, Wilmer Valderrama.

They were spotted being affectionate in public according to
Perez Hilton.

Are they really lovers?


Lindsay Lohan will act in 'Escaping The Game'

According to reports, Lindsay Lohan will act in 'Escaping The Game'.

The movie is about celebrities who can't handle the pressures of fame and they went to a remote island to have a new life.

Nathan Folks, producer of the film, "It's about celebs who become very famous and can't take it. She wants to do it."

"We can get her insured if she is with someone who is keeping an eye on her 24X7. Lindsay and I've discussed it and she's already agreed to the condition. She's doing great and we're going to prove to the world that she's back."


Lindsay Lohan's estranged father gives support to Miley Cyrus's dad

Lindsay Lohan's estranged father gives his support to Miley Cyrus's dad Billy Ray by writing a letter.

He wrote, "As hard and frustrating as it is, believe me when I say, it's a road worth travelled. Even if it may have its bumps and grinds along the way. As I was raised, there is nothing like the love a man has for his family nor is there any length he will go to save or protect them.

"The hardest part is, experiencing the pain that comes from the resistance of the very one you are trying to save (sic)... When I look at what you are going through, I am forced to see myself. Two men who know what divorce and alienation, have done to our families.

"Why I ask, is it so hard for our wives, children and even the public, to see that all we are trying to do, is to be there for our family and try to make things right? Isn't it clear that the answer is so easy but the people who don't matter, make it so hard? While all we want is our family and normal lives back.

"I want to say, that I know what you are going through, I feel your pain and frustration, and I also admire your strength, dedication and love, for your family in the name of God."


Did Lindsay Lohan go to Teddy's nightclub ?

Lindsay Lohan is currently under probation and if she is caught with drinking , she will end up in jail. There rumors saying that she was spotted at Teddy's nightclub late Thursday night.

Lindsay denied that she was there.

She wrote this in her Twitter, "The reports i was at teddys are inaccurate...I was just at roosevelt to meet Samantha and say happy birthday to a friend, i take my sobriety seriously. please dont believe this accusations. i know the rules and i wouldnt risk probation. xoxo L"


Lindsay Lohan appreciate Charlie Sheen's support

According sources to TMZ, Lindsay Lohan was listening when Charlie Sheen called in to the "Dan Patrick Show" and gave some advice to her.

But there is one advice that Lindsay does not agree which is "work on her impulse control".

Nevertheless, she "appreciates Charlie giving her his support."


Charlie Sheen has advice for Lindsay Lohan

Eventhough Charlie Sheen is in rehab but he still care for Lindsay Lohan. He has advice for her.

He said, "I've got some things I'd recommend she consider. Work on your impulse control. Just try to think things through a little bit before you do 'em."


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Lindsay Lohan celebrate Valentine with Samantha

Lindsay Lohan was spotted sneaking out from her former girlfriend Samantha Ronson's house. Why she needs to sneaked out anyway?


Lindsay Lohan gets new judge

According to RadarOnline reports, Lindsay Lohan will not appear in front of Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Elden Fox in Beverly Hills, CA. for a probation violation hearing but to another new judge, Judge Keith Schwartz).


David Letterman jokes about Lindsay Lohan at the Grammy Awards

At the Grammy Awards which was held on Sunday night, David Letterman jokes about Lindsay Lohan.

He said, "No. 10?Lindsay Lohan seen leaving the Staples Center with a Grammy-shaped bulge."


Will Lindsay Lohan escape from jail?

Lindsay Lohan may no need to go jail after all. This is what L.A. criminal defense attorney Steve Sitkoff have to say.

He said, "This is far from a slam-dunk case. All her attorney has to do is convince one juror it was an innocent misunderstanding and she could walk, unless they decide to retry her again."

Then L.A. criminal defense attorney Harland Braun continues "Even if she's convicted, I doubt she'll get state prison time because she's not a physical threat to the public. Prison is generally regarded as a place for hardened criminals, not someone who clearly has mental issues. She has a defensible case."


Lindsay Lohan gets her hair done before going court

Girls are always girls. Eventhough Lindsay may or not be charged for theft, her hair is most priority.

She went to Byron & Tracy salon in LA to get her hair done before going to court around 1:30pm Wednesday.

An X17 photographer who was there said,“Lindsay looked like she didn’t have a care in the world. Either she’s sure she’s going to get off tomorrow, and not go to jail, or she’s just a really good actress. I honestly think she knows she’s not going to go to jail.”


Lindsay Lohan pleads not guilty

Lindsay Lohan is currently charged for necklace theft but Lindsay Lohan told
her friends that she is not guilty.

She said privately, "I'm pleading not guilty because I'm NOT!"


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Lindsay Lohan has unpaid tanning bills

Lindsay Lohan is currently charged of theft necklace and now, she has another lawsuit. She has not paid tanning bills.

According to TMZ reports, tanning salon owner, Lorit Simon said that Lindsay Lohan didn't pay her tanning bills which costs $41,031.60 between 2007 and 2009.


Wilder relieved Lindsay Lohan not in his movie

Wilder relieved Lindsay Lohan is not part of his movie. This is because Lindsay Lohan is facing legal actions non stop and will delayed his projects if she is in it.

He told, "To tell you the truth I have a total sense of relief because the reality is we would never have got our movie made if Lindsay Lohan was still attached to it."

"We are now due to start filming in New Orleans in April with Malin Akerman instead of Lindsay Lohan and everybody cannot wait."

"Despite everything that happened with Lindsay I would be horrified if she went to jail and to tell you the truth I just feel sorry for her because sadly she has some real issues to deal with."

"It was funny because the paparazzi followed Malin recently but it was a completely different vibe to Lindsay because she is such a different person."

"I can now just look forward to making our movie without any distractions and that just couldn''t happen when we were involved with Lindsay Lohan."

"I''m not sure if I was surprised or not that she got into trouble again I just wish she could get her life together at some point despite everything she put me through."


Lindsay Lohan may go to jail if found guilty

Lindsay Lohan may sentenced to jail if found guilty of stealing a necklace worth $2,500 from California-based jewellery store Kamofie & Company.

However, legal expert Susan F. Filan believes Lindsay could also be in violation of the terms of her DUI probation.

She told "She is automatically in violation of her probation if she gets arrested. She would face up to six months in state prison or county jail."


Lindsay Lohan posed photo with Kanye West

According to RadarOnline, Lindsay Lohan went to the opening of the Giuseppe Zanotti Design store on Friday night.

She posed pics with Kanye as well as other celebrities.


Lindsay Lohan does not fill out paperwork

When Lindsay Lohan took out expensive necklaces from jewelry stores, she does not fill up form. She leave the paper work to her people.


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Lindsay Lohan and friend have handicap parking sign

Lindsay Lohan and her friend have a handicap parking sign in their car. With that sign, I wonder whether she will park at handicap parking or not? have that photo, click here.


Lindsay Lohan claims she is not the necklace's thief

Lindsay Lohan claims that she is not the person who steal the necklace and she only borrowed it according to TMZ. She gave it back to a stylist but the stylist neglected to return it on time.

According to sources, Lindsay said, "I didn't have any part in the non-returning on time."


Lindsay Lohan's father Michael is hospitalised

Lindsay Lohan's father Michael is hospitalised because of chest pains according to TMZ reports. He was sent there on Monday afternoon.

Before he was sent there, he was at a doctor's office for a consultation about getting his nose fixed.