'Dancing With the Stars' wants Lindsay Lohan

A source tells RadarOnline.com that tv show 'Dancing With the Stars' wants Lindsay Lohan in the next season.

The source told RadarOnline.com on Tuesday, "'Dancing with the Stars' producers have had Lindsay on their wish list of castmates for a very long time. And though they've been wary of Lohan's history before, they are taking notice of her recent and productive stay at Betty Ford treatment center."

"The producers were concerned about her erratic behavior, but they are taking another look at asking her to come on for the next season because she is doing so well at her sober living facility," the source said. "The producers are aware that she would be available because she isn't going to be filming 'Inferno.'"


Lindsay Lohan gets restraning order against paparazzi

Lindsay Lohan is allowed to drive again but Betty Ford feels its a risk for her because some of the paparazzi created an unsafe driving situation in the past.

Thus, now Lindsay is seeking for restraining order against paparazzi for chasing her.


Lindsay Lohan may have plenty of job offers once released from rehab

According to a producer pal, Lindsay Lohan may have many job offers once she is out of rehab. Her treatment in rehab will be until January 2011.

Ethan Terra tells Fox News, "It's not fair in any way, shape, or form for those reports to be out there. Lindsay is 100 per cent insurable, all she had to do was put up a fee as a bond then she would have been paid upon completion. I could insure her today. She was definitely not fired..."

"Lindsay has absolutely no qualms about getting work. She literally has a mountain pile of scripts to choose from. When she is ready, we'd like to see her take on a positive role; she is doing so amazingly well with her recovery."


Lindsay Lohan spend her Thanksgiving with her dad and Samantha

Lindsay Lohan went for gym in the early morning of Thanksgiving. Then she went out with her friends, including her former girlfriend, Samantha Ronson.


Lindsay Lohan still smokes

Looks like bad habits dies hard. Lindsay Lohan was spotted smoking.

Click here to view the photos.


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Lindsay Lohan given the freedom to celebrate Thanksgiving

Lindsay Lohan was allowed to come out from rehab to celebrate Thanksgiving but she has to come back within 15 hours.


Lindsay Lohan got back her driving license

Lindsay Lohan got back her driving license back yesterday. She was not allowed to drive after violating her probation in September.


Lindsay Lohan was not fired for "Inferno"

Earlier reports were saying that Lindsay Lohan was fired from Linda Lovelace biopic "Inferno." But actually the real story was that Lindsay Lohan herself decided to pulled out from that movie, so that she could focus more on her recovery.


Lindsay Lohan is angry at her mom for the interview with Matt Lauer

Lindsay Lohan is angry at her mother Dina for doing an interview with Matt Lauer on “The Today Show”. Now she realize that is her mother that is part of the reason that cause her to be in rehab.


Lindsay Lohan is looking for a new place to stay

According to sources for TMZ, Lindsay Lohan is looking for a new place to stay. This is because she wants a place that is more privacy.

She will going to L.A to shop around.


Lindsay Lohan's family upset with Gwyneth Paltrow 's jokes

Lindsay Lohan's family is upset with "Glee"'s producers and writers after guest star Gwyneth Paltrow makes jokes about Lindsay's past troubles on the latest episode.

In Spanish, she said, "Lindsay Lohan is totally crazy, right? Repeat... Repeat after me with more energy. Come on!"

Her character, Holly Holliday, then asked, "How many times has Lindsay Lohan been to rehab? Five times. Five."


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Lindsay Lohan's younger brother will act as drug addict

Lindsay Lohan's younger brother will act as drug addict in their mother's production company.

The movie will called "Growing Defiant" and will start shooting in early 2011.


Lindsay Lohan took a stroll in Rancho Mirag

Lindsay Lohan was spotted having a stroll in Rancho Mirage, CA yesterday. Habit dies hard. She was smoking away.

I think she has addiction in many things in the past. She used to be addict in shopping, addict in alcohol and addict in drugs. Hope she will kick out smoking habit too.


Lindsay Lohan didn't take painkillers when had tooth surgery

Lindsay Lohan is determined to take her rehab stay seriously. She didn't take any painkillers when she had her tooth removed.

One source told RadarOnline.com, “Lindsay had tooth surgery this week. She had teeth removed and won’t even take any painkillers for the pain…quite a difference from just 5 months ago when the starlet had her wisdom teeth removed and took the powerful painkiller Dilaudid to deal with the pain.”


Lindsay Lohan went movie with her dad

Lindsay Lohan went for a movie with her dad, which is near from Betty Ford. Guess that their relationship are getting better.


Lindsay Lohan may reunite with family next month

According to sources to TMZ, Lindsay Lohan may have a family reunion during one of Betty Ford's family week next month.

This is to let her parents settle some issues that may have cause Lindsay to be checked into rehab in the first place .


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Lindsay Lohan is in outpatient treatment now

Lindsay Lohan is at home now, having outpatient treatment. She has “spent the 30 days in [inpatient care] according to Gossip Cop.


Lindsay Lohan wants to open rehab facilities for children

Lindsay Lohan wants to open rehab facilities for children. She wants to help young kids.

Dina said: "We'll take it one day at a time. I don't have a crystal ball. I pray hard and she wants to start her own facilities, help other children. She's so public, we can only be positive and look to the future to help other families."


Lindsay Lohan's plan to watch movie unsuccess

Lindsay Lohan wanted to watch movie at the Century Rancho Mirage movie theater last night but she was noticed by other people. Hence, she decided to leave instead.


Lindsay Lohan's estranged father asked her to stop smoking

According to Contactmusic report, Lindsay Lohan's father Michael wants her to stop smoking. He has sent her an electric smokeless cigarette to stop her from smoking.


Lindsay Lohan went out from rehab a while for shoppping

Lindsay Lohan went out from rehab a while to shop at the Forever 21 store in Palm Desert.

Manger, Tifanny Bennett told Radar,

“Lindsay bought a leopard sweater, a lot of pajama bottoms, and a ton of socks. Her choices were for leisure wear. Lindsay spent about $200 total and she paid for the items herself. We were surprised that Lindsay was so low key. The only thing she asked us to do was to hold some of the items at the front until she was finished picking things out.”


Lindsay Lohan had photo session with Santiago Sierra

Lindsay Lohan had photo session with Santiago Sierra. She look so sexy here. Click here to see the photos.


Lindsay Lohan still do her leggings line in rehab

Eventhough Lindsay Lohan is in rehab, she still do her leggings. She still keep in touch with her partner designer Paz Shakked.

He said, "We work around our schedules," says the designer. "We work together really well, we have a nice chemistry."


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Lindsay Lohan's sex video virus spreading in facebook

Sex video virus is spreading in facebook. The virus distribute these videos via event invitations or event invitations with titles such as Lindsey Having Sex with HOT Girl, This is Lindsey Lohan `s Celebrity Leaked Sex Tape, Lindsay Lohan Having a THREEWAY on Camera and many more.

A message will appear after the event invitation is opened, written "Do not ask how I get this video. No one can watch this video except the people who already get the invitation.”


Lindsay Lohan's friends visited her for Halloween

Lindsay Lohan's friends visited her for Halloween and they were not empty handed. They brought along Halloween costumes!

Even English socialite Victoria Hervey and Eilat Anschel came, together with her mom Dina.

Sources tell TMZ, “Lindsay is doing incredibly well and making amazing progress" .

Another source continues, “She seems so much stronger and confident.”


Lindsay Lohan try to connect back her friends

Lindsay Lohan didnt keep in touch some of her friend when she was in her dark days but now she trying to connect back her friends via email when she is having her treatment in rehab now. And these people are those who advised her lasttime that she has problems but she refuse to listen lasttime.