Lindsay Lohan wants the screen rights to Stevie Nicks's life story

Lindsay Lohan wants to obtain the screen rights to Stevie Nicks's life story. Nicks, who is the singer of Fleetwood Mac and solo artist told CNN, "That's never going to happen unless she cleans up her life and becomes the great actress I feel she can be."


Lindsay Lohan smokes electronic cigarette

Lindsay Lohan was spotted smoking an electronic cigarette—which.

A company by the name of Blue Cigs displaying photos of her smoking their product to all the celebrity news sites, saying that Lindsay:

“…is determined to better her career and her health and has started using Blu Cigs as a deterrent to lighting up.”


Lindsay Lohan began sentence for jewelry theft

Lindsay Lohan began her sentence for jewelry theft on Thursday. According to officials, she was suppose to serve four months but maybe she need to serve only 35 days.

Los Angeles Sheriff's department spokesman Steve Whitmore said, "Ms. Lohan will be under the supervision of the sheriff's department and her release date is expected to be around June 29. She will serve about 35 days on home detention."


Lindsay Lohan seeks advice from Courtney Love

Lindsay Lohan seeks advice from Courtney Love for her legal problems.

She tells, "Lindsay Lohan called me after she was arrested. The judge presiding over her case was the same judge who presided over mine. He was a very sweet man. I think he was an ex-alcoholic himself. I told Lindsay to just get it together and trust the judge, and Lindsay's father called me for advice every day. I'm not even that friendly with thesegirls. What am I, a junkie Auntie Mame?"


Lindsay Lohan was spotted at LAX International Airport

Lindsay Lohan was spotted at LAX International Airport. She just came back from Miami Beach. It was late night. She wore a black hat with sunglasses.


Lindsay Lohan has a temporary tattoo

Lindsay Lohan has a new tattoo but it is only for temporary. She has the word 'blood' on her upper right arm.

She was spotted with this temporary tattoo when she was having a sun tan in Miami, wearing a blue bikini.


Lindsay Lohan does not want to watch "Glee"

Lindsay Lohan declined to watch Glee. This is because Gwyneth Paltrow make bad comments about her on the show.

In that show, Gwyneth Paltrow's character tells students: "Lindsay Lohan is totally crazy, right? Repeat... Repeat after me with more energy. Come on."


Lindsay Lohan still interested in men

Lindsay Lohan revealed that she still interested in men in a recent radio show according to

The host quoted her, "We'd love to know whether you're like a lesbian or whether you're a bi, because boys wanna know if they still have a chance. Have we still got a chance?"



Lindsay Lohan enjoys doing community service

Lindsay Lohan enjoys doing community service.

She said , "I''m working in the downtown women''s shelter and then I think (for) the second part I''m going to be working with kids, which I love doing. And the people are really nice. It''s amazing," Contactmusic quoted Lohan as telling Australia''s Kyle and Jackie O radio show."


Lindsay Lohan gets restraining order against stalker

Lindsay Lohan gets a restraining order against an alleged stalker, David Cocordan. He has been stalking her for two years and he has been sending her hundreds of text messages to her cellphone.

Pity Lindsay. She has already many problems and plus this one.


Lindsay Lohan had an interview with Kyle Sandilands

Lindsay Lohan had an interview with Kyle Sandilands according to Fox FM reports.

One station spokeswoman said, "There has been no fuss at all."

She will be at Sandilands' LA Mansion and both of them will skype with Kyle's co-host Jackie O back in Sydney.


Lindsay Lohan was caught drinking

Lindsay Lohan was caught drinking. One person manage to take pictures of her while she was drinking. Looks like she haven't sober.

A friend of her camera's owner said, We didn’t press charges because we thought it was funny at first. We all were drunk. But then we figured out when we got home that the camera was broken because water seeped in. The memory card, though, was still good.”

“Lindsay appeared to be belligerently drunk,” relayed the source. “She and her people were doing shots of something all night. She looked like she was falling all over the place. She was being stupid.”

“When she grabbed my friend’s wrist, another woman who was with Lindsay grabbed the camera. She kept saying ‘I need that camera’ over and over again. So the woman got it and sunk it into the ice bucket.”


Lindsay Lohan receive death treats from stalker

Lindsay Lohan is scare now because there is a stalker who wants to kill her. Looks like her life is full with troubles and bad luck. Maybe she needs to get a feng sui Master.

Lindsay wrote this in her Twitter, "This is the freemason stalker that has been threatening to kill me - while he is TRESPASSING!

"im actually scared now- the blood in the 'cults' book was too much.

"All my fans, my supporters, please stand by me. (sic)"


Backstreet Boys A.J. McLean wants to buy Lindsay Lohan's vampire photos

Backstreet Boys A.J. McLean is interested in buying Lindsay Lohan's vampire photos. The photos depicts of her sitting on top of "The Vampire Diaries" star Michael Trevino while holding a wooden stake in her hand.

Tyler Shields, who is a Celebrity photographer, confirmed to Radar Online, "A. J. paid between $30,000 and $40,000 for the large print of Lindsay with Michael Trevino." Then he continues, "Hopefully, I will work with Lindsay again and she was thrilled with the results of our latest collaboration."


Al Pacino joining Gotti: Three Generations

Al Pacino will joining Gotti: Three Generations where Lindsay Lohan will be acting too.

He will act as Neil Dellacroce, a mentor to John Gotti Sr. Other celebrities joining are John Travolta and his real-life wife Kelly Preston.


Lindsay Lohan's vampire photos

Lindsay Lohan went to her close friend Tyler Shields' photo exhibit, "Life Is Not A Fairytale," . The event took place in a warehouse in East Los Angeles.

Lindsay Lohan's pose as a vampire were also displated there. Tyler said "Lindsay loves vampires. It's well documented that she is a big vampire fan. I said we need to do the craziest vampire mouth shot ever with her mouth."


Lindsay Lohan didn't join Scientology class

There were rumors saying Lindsay Lohan joined Church of Scientology but it turns out to be fabrication.

So far, Lindsay didn't attend any Scientology class.


Paris Hilton apologize to Lindsay Lohan

According to TMZ, Paris Hilton apologize to Lindsay Lohan for making a bad comment about her. She said, "I apologize to Lindsay for the comment that I made. I was joking around but it was thoughtless and unnecessary."

"I am reaching out to Lindsay so I can tell her myself."


Lindsay Lohan posed for Bad Girl photos in Blank magazine

Lindsay Lohan posed for sexy photos in a magazine called BLANK. In that photos, she puffs on a cigarette.

Click here to see those photos.


Paris Hilton was mistook by a homeless woman for Lindsay Lohan

Paris Hilton went to visit a woman’s shelter and gave a gift to a homeless woman but she was mistook for Lindsay Lohan.

In the voice over, Hilton can be heard saying; “If I were Lindsay, I’d be stealing earrings. Not giving them away”. Talk about cattiness."


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Lindsay Lohan wore see through top

Lindsay Lohan didn't wear bra when she went to do her community service. She wore a a see-through top at the Los Angeles Women's Centre.


Lindsay Lohan enjoys herself after community service meeting

Lindsay Lohan really knows how to enjoy herself. She had fun going out with actress Shenae Grimes after community service meeting


Lindsay Lohan went to friend's birthday party

According to,Lindsay Lohan attended her good friend photographer Tyler Shields's birthday party on Friday.

The party was held at an Olive Garden! In Burbank!

She didn't take alcohol. She drank only water.

Other celebrities who attended the party were Matt Dallas, Lyndsy Fonseca and actor Simon Curtis.

One source said, "There were about 15 or so people. It was pretty low-key but they all seemed to be having a great time. There was a lot of laughter and picture-taking, and everybody even sang 'Happy Birthday'."


Lindsay Lohan's community service may include helping women

Lindsay Lohan is currenly serving her community service and she may involve in helping women to be on the right track according to the head of the Downtown Women's Center said.

Spokesman Patrick Shandrick said on Thursday, "We are working on outlining a schedule and meeting community service requirements at this point."