Lindsay Lohan's covered topless pictures

Egotastic! has Lindsay Lohan's topless pictures but its covered. Have a look on this.

These pictures were taken by Mike Rosenthal.


Comic about Lindsay Lohan

There will be a comic book about Lindsay Lohan that is set to be release in September, this year.

The books is titled "Infamous: Lindsay Lohan" and produced by Bluewater Productions.

Publisher Darren Davis will be happy to take the profits from the book's sales and transfer to Lohan's favourite charity.

He said, "If she contacted us and wanted us to donate some of the potential profits to a charity of her choosing, we would happily do."


Lindsay Lohan might be a teacher for homeless shelter

Lindsay Lohan may be a temporarily teacher for homeless shelter in Los Angeles as part of her community service. This was reported by TMZ on Thursday.

A spokesperson for the center said the staff was “extremely interested in having Lindsay contribute her talents when she kicks off her 360 hours of community service this week.”

I wonder whether she has the patience to teach.


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Lindsay Lohan will take responsibility for her actions

Lindsay Lohan is more mature thinking now. She will take responsibility for the damages she has done.

According to sources, she will start community services which pertains 360 hours at the Downtown Women's Center in Los Angeles this week.


Lindsay Lohan feels she is being punished because she is a celebrity

Lindsay Lohan feels she is being punished because she is famous. Pity her but she has to help herself to become a better person and not always ended up doing something against the law. Who's fault is this? How about her parents? Why they let this happening again and again.

One source said, "She is being treated differently from everyone else because she is famous. We were all in shock when she was forced to return to jail just to make an example out of her. It's not right. Especially when she is working so hard to live a healthy life."


Prosecutor complaints about Lindsay Lohan's reduced charges

Lindsay Lohan's charges has been reduced and this cause prosecutor unhappy about the judge's decision.

He said, "The judge abused her discretion in this case. It was a felony filing because the defendant was on probation.... She has violated on numerous occasions ... the evidence was incredibly strong.


Lindsay Lohan sentenced to jail

Even if you are celebrity, if you did something against the Law, you still need to go to jail. This applies to Lindsay Lohan as well. She was sentenced to 120 days in county jail on Friday for violating her probation according reports.


Lindsay Lohan's replacement for Linda Lovelace is excited

Malin Akerman, who replace Lindsay Lohan for the movie about porn star Linda Lovelace in Inferno is excited to act that movie.

She said, "I'm really excited to the do the film. I think it's gonna be an amazing journey."


Lindsay Lohan's dad wants to be a professional date

Michael Lohan seems like desperate for money. He wants to become an escort, and wants to be paid large sum of money, as much as $10,000.

He registered for a lifetime membership on a website called, "which specializes in members offering money to go on a first date."

He said, “I’m willing to do this in order to donate the money to a rehab and recovery program or programs. Dinner usually costs between $200 and $500. Why not get paid for it and have it go to a good cause?”


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Lindsay Lohan gave Good Friday excuse to skip going to court

Lindsay Lohan wanted to avoid going to court on Friday by giving excuse that she wants to go to church for Good Friday.

Anyway, she still have to present to hear the judge formally rule on the motion.


Lindsay Lohan may have two movies offers

Lindsay Lohan may face trial but she has no worries about her career. She may have two movies offer.

Marc Fiore, executive producer of the upcoming Gotti: Three Generations said, “I want Lindsay to be in Gotti and another movie that I’m producing. She’s a great, great actress.”

The other movie he mentioned is Mob Street which talks about the Mafia’s involvement in Wall Street’s high finance and written by The Usual Suspects’ Chazz Palminteri.


Dolly Parton has advice for Lindsay Lohan And Britney

Dolly Parton has advice for both Lindsay Lohan And Britney. Her advice is “My advice for LINDSAY and BRITNEY and those girls is don’t take it seriously. I never saw myself as being a star or a celebrity. I think of myself as a working girl and this is my job.”


Lindsay Lohan went to Coachella music festival

Despite of her trial on theft charges, Lindsay Lohan still enjoys her life. She went to Coachella music festival yesterday.

Other celebrities who went to that festival were Katy Perry, Paris Hilton and Vanessa Hudgens.


Marilyn Manson wants to have a role in a movie that is about infamous psychopath Charles Manson

Lindsay Lohan maybe acting in a movie about infamous psychopath Charles Manson.
Marilyn Manson would like to take part in this movie too.


John Travolta is happy to be working with Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan maybe acting as Victoria Gotti and John Travolta is excited to have her in the movie.

He told UsMagazine, "I know whatever she would like to do would be great. I know first hand, Lindsay happens to be a very big fan of mine from years ago when she was a little girl and liked [Grease's] Danny Zuko and [Welcome Back Kotter's] Vinny Barborino, so I always thought she was gorgeous and talented and filled with a lot of depth!"


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Lindsay Lohan mistaken for Lady Gaga

An airline employee at the New York airport mistook Lindsay Lohan as Lady Gaga.

She wrote this in her Twitter, "What does it mean when an American airlines employee says "ah! Lady Gaga!" to me at JFK airport? Should I have burst into Born This Way?(sic)."


Lindsay Lohan's ex girlfriend Samantha had bike accident

Lindsay Lohan's ex girlfriend went cycling on Saturday and she had an accident. She had two black eyes and a split lip from that accident.

She posted a picture of her injuries on Monday and wrote "Wear a helmet kids!!!" and also wrote, "Let this be a lesson... if you have a driver's license you probably don't need to be on a bmx bike."

She also told a Twitter follower, "You should see what I looked like on Saturday. Just a little uglier than usual. Other than that, Vicodin is handling the rest."


Did Lindsay Lohan hid in the closet to deter her dad?

Lindsay Lohan denied that she hide in the closet to avoid her dad, who came as a surprise yesterday afternoon.

Lindsay claims she was not at home at that time.

She told E!, "I'm fine. I wasn't even home so it's funny how I was in my closet."


Victoria Gotti choose Lindsay Lohan to act as her

Victoria Gotti choose Lindsay Lohan to act as her, rather than Blake Lively and Sienna Miller.

It is good news for Lindsay Lohan to able to act again. Hopes she won't make any more troubles.


Betty mocks on Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen

Betty White mocks on Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen. But she is right in the way. People should appreciate what they have, and not spoilt it.

She told Daily Mail, "I cannot stand the people who get wonderful starts in show business, and who abuse it. Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen, for example, although there are plenty of others, too. "They are the most blessed people in the world and they don't appreciate it."

"They party too much, don't learn their lines, are unprofessional and they grumble about everything. I think they are terribly ungrateful."


Lindsay Lohan spotted together with Vikram Chatwal

Lindsay Lohan has been spotted together with Vikram Chatwal. Chatwal will be single soon because he is seeking a divorce from his wife.

Lindsay and Chatwal went to Don Hill's for the after-party for Uma Thurman's movie ‘Ceremony’.

One source claims that they are friends, "They have a friendship and a business relationship, and that is it.”


Lindsay Lohan may act as John Gotti's daughter

Lindsay Lohan may act as John Gotti's daughter Victoria according to TMZ. Who will act as John Gotti? John Travolta is interested in playing the role and Kim Kardashian may act as his wife.


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Lindsay Lohan was spotted at TEQA NYC

Lindsay Lohan was spotted at TEQA NYC on Tuesday night in New York City (April 5).

A few local PR companies also join the event.


Lindsay Lohan is set to audition in the new 'Superman' movie

Lindsay Lohan wants to get back her acting career and is set to audition for a role in the new 'Superman' movie.

One source told, "Lindsay is planning to return from New York on Wednesday, at which time she will meet with producers and read for them."

"Lindsay said she would be ecstatic to be part of the 'Superman' movie ... it's a dream of hers."


Lindsay Lohan offered to act in "Eyes of a Dreamer"

Lindsay Lohan offered to act in "Eyes of a Dreamer" as a murder victim. The producer of the movie is Brad Wyman.


Lindsay Lohan is enjoying her time in New York

Lindsay Lohan is enjoying herself in New York. Going around the town, smiling to the paparazzi and meeting restaurant managers.


Lindsay Lohan went to NYCs' Motor City Bar

Lindsay Lohan still parties eventhough she will be facing trial soon. She was spotted outside NYCs' Motor City Bar last night with her friends.